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What do you think is better - playing online casino slots or playing it in a land casino? For now, I think I think I'm all for the online casino slot machine option. Yes, by playing online, you're missing the face-to-face interaction, and the impression of being in a large noisy place full of flashing lights and noises. But I'm definitely convinced that all these noises and lights make it a lot easier for the casinos to distract while they take your money.

Thus, playing in my own study room, at my own pace and with distractions that I choose to have is something I prefer just now. Granted though, I lose the fun of having the cocktail waitress constantly 'bothering' me to have drinks. Tips stay in my pocket ... hmmm.

So what are the slot odds when you play online versus when you play in an actual casino? What some people don't realize is that the slots you find in the land casinos are actually computers themselves. The same type of software found in an online casino slot machine is, is also actually embedded in computer hardware chips in land casino slot machines.

Whenever you play a slot machine today, you're playing basically against a mini-computer. Instead of being locked into one set of odds for payoffs based on the actual number of possible combinations of the stops of the reels, the RNG (random number generator) allows game manufacturers to design and customize the odds of each machine. This feat is accomplished through the use of what might be termed 'virtual reels' that are much, much larger than the actual reels.

For instance, a four-reel machine may have 20 symbols painted on each reel. But that's all for show - the 'virtual' reel governed by the RNG may actually have 64 stops, thus making for much bigger jackpot possibilities (64x64x64x64 = 16,777,216)

Back to the whole online aspect however. If you've been a slots fan for any extended period of time, this new phenomenon of online casino slots may have you a bit taken aback. I myself was surprised by the flood of online slots games that came about in such a short period of time. I'm sure nobody has truly had the chance to take it all in. As the Internet changed in nature at the end of the nineties to become a commercial entity, the content changed along with it. I honestly remember the first time I ever saw a banner ad, what an amazing thing it was.

Essentials for playing online slots

  • Have fun while you play. Don't get sucked into all the myths - slots are all just luck
  • Bankroll properly - set a total loss limit and stick to it. You can always play again tomorrow with a little more luck so don't max your credit card in one go
  • Slots with four or more reels may not pay as well as you think. From my experience and research, I believe that each added reel actually increases the odds against you by millions
  • Don't always play with the top jackpot in mind. To win the top prize, you must always bet maximum coins - which causes you to lose more money and lose it faster. Your goal should be to play in such a way that gives you the longest playing time and smaller but more frequent paybacks. The longer you can make your bankroll and playing time last, the better chance you have of finding the right slot at the right time. Learn to be happy with any win you can get