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Casino Black Jack

How casino Black Jack is played
Black jack can certainly offer one of the most satisfying game-playing experiences in the casino; it involves suspense, decision-making, and skilled play. Better yet, it's usually the best bet in the house. All you have to do is learn the right way to play it. More on that soon.

The casino black jack table is a semi-circle. See the graphic over there to the left below our logo. Most often it will have a padded edge for up to seven seated players to lean on as they play, although a few tables seat only 5 or 6 players. The dealer stands opposite the players at about where the center of the circles would be. On the table in front of him is a large tray of chips with several "columns" of varying chip denominations.

Because the black jack table design is used as a standard for most new casino games, you may accidentally sit down at a black jack sized table that isn't actually dealing black jack. Make sure to check out your surroundings and read the information posted at a table before you sit down at what you assume is a casino black jack game.

Some essentials for playing casino blackjack like a genius:

  • The objective is to beat the dealer. Whoever has the higher hand without going over 21 wins
  • Players who use basic strategy can play nearly even with the house. Black jack games that carry a house edge of 0.5% or lower are very common
  • Basic strategy is the proper set of playing rules based on the cards in your hand and on the dealer's upcard
  • All else being equal, it's better to play against fewer decks
  • Don't expect to win all the time
  • Never take 'insurance' unless you know how to count cards
  • Never pursue black jack fun as a serious source of income - you will eventually get burnt